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Aviation Core Competencies (ELAV-HR)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course discusses the merits of using a competency-based education system in high risk industries as a more effective alternative to the traditional training and appraisal methods.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course is designed to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of the core competencies required by aviation professionals at all levels as well as teach the student how to develop job specific core competencies and evaluate performance using competency-based assessments.

LEARNING STRATEGIES: The course, in conjunction with the assigned textbook,uses a combination of critical thinking, research and practical application exercises to enhance learning.

TEXTBOOK MATERIALS: The course website does not include the textbook. An electronic copy of the textbook can purchased or leased through VitalSource.com or other retailer.
  • Core Competencies Sylabus
  • Chapter #1 Competency-Based Education
  • Chapter #1 Worksheet Competency-Based Education
  • Chapter #2 ICAO Regulations
  • Chapter #2 Worksheet ICAO Regulations
  • Chapter #3 ATC Core Competencies
  • Chapter #3 Worksheet ATC Core Competencies
  • Chapter #4 Pilot Core Competencies
  • Chapter #4 Worksheet Pilot Core Competencies
  • Chapter #5 Cabin Crew Core Competencies
  • Chapter #5 Worksheet Cabin Crew Competencies
  • Chapter #6 Aircraft Maintenance and Competency-Based Education
  • Chapter #6 Worksheet Aircraft Maintenance Competencies
  • Chapter #7 Designing Competencies in Aviation
  • Chapter #7 Worksheet Designing Competencies
  • Chapter #8 Competency-Based Training
  • Chapter #8 Worksheet Competency-Based Training
  • Chapter #9 Competency-Based Assessments
  • Chapter #9 Worksheet Competency-Based Assessments
  • Research Exercise
  • Journal Review Aviation Core Competencies
  • Practical Application Exercise
  • Practical Application Worksheet Core Competency Development
  • Aviation Core Competency Course Survey
  • Applicaiton of lessons learned
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever